The full membership process

How to become a full member?

To become a full member you must submit an application form and examples of your work. The number of examples and the types of accounts you must submit vary according to whether you wish to become an Associate or a Fellow. For example, you need to have completed at least two examinations to apply for Associate Licence 1 level and a minimum of six examinations if you apply to become a Fellow.

Once applications are checked over for completeness, copies are sent to two members of the Membership Committee; each assess the application independently and the two reviews are compared. If both assessors are in agreement as to the quality of the application, a decision is made. If there is any disagreement between the two assessors a further discussion takes place and the final decision rests with the Committee Chair.

After the assessment process has been completed one of the following outcomes will be assigned:

        Application accepted

        If some minor concerns a Licence is granted for a period, usually 12 months, and a request for further submissions

        If close to meeting requirements you may be asked for additional evidence

        If Committee feels that a different category/licence is more appropriate (usually lower) that will be offered

        Application is rejected – full reasons for the rejection are given to the applicant 

Applications should be sent to

There is a £50 processing fee for applying for Full Membership.

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