Our board

ACIE is governed by a Board of nine elected trustees, each elected to serve for three years by the subscribing members, and up to three trustees co-opted by the other Board Members. The Board comprises a mixture of professional accountants, voluntary independent examiners and people from other backgrounds.

Current Trustees


Mark Heaton, FCCA FCIE DChA


Anthony Vincent, BSc FCA FCIE


Tony Clarke FCPA

Kerry Clayton TEP MAAT MCSI

Susan Robinson BA FCA FCIE DChA

Frances Taylor FCA FCIE

Development Manager:

Farah Mendlesohn, PGDip, Charity Accounting and Finance (Cass)

Governing Document:Click here for the charity's Articles of Association (2011)

Why Be a Trustee?: a note from one of our Trustees.

Susan Robinson

It used to look good on the CV but those days are long gone.  There is a responsibility to being a Trustee, an obligation to be involved, make decisions and act as a custodian of the charity while you are in place. 

So why would you want to be a Trustee?  Everyone has their own reason, but some include an inner desire to help a charity that is close to their heart that they want to help deliver its objectives, or wanting to give back something to society through the support of a local charity.  It is also an opportunity to help develop your own skills.

I was recently asked by a member about finding opportunities to develop their own knowledge and I suggested that she consider being a Trustee of a small local charity.  It would give her good insight into how a charity operates from the coal face and a more in depth feel and knowledge of the charity sector.  This in turn will help her Independent Examination work.  

I have been very fortunate to have been a Trustee for a few charities.  There have been challenges but my own skills have grown.  I have also been part of some incredible projects. 

In 2017 I became a trustee of ACIE, I felt I had skills that I could use to help the Association move forward and increase the quality and hence opportunities for our members.  I am still on that journey working with my fellow Trustees. In accordance with our regulations the majority of the board should be full members , hence we would particularly welcome applications from this group as well as affiliate members

If you are interested in standing and working alongside a diverse and  enthusiastic group of people  but would like to discuss further please contact me.   My e-mail address is Your association needs your support.

Prof Jeff MacLachlan 1999-2001
David Ralph 2001-2005
Revd Alan Clements 2005-2007
Mark Heaton 2007-2015
Chris Smith 2015-2016
Ian Barrett 2016-2020
Susan Robinson 2020-2021
Mark Heaton 2021-

Revd Alan Clements 1999-2000
David Ralph 2000-2001
Adrienne Airlie 2001-2004
Revd Alan Clements 2004-2005
Nick Morgan 2005-2007
Robert Andrews 2007-2010
Eric Southwick 2010-2013
Peter Brown 2013-2015
(No one named as Vice-Chair 2015-2019)
Susan Robinson 2019-2020
Kelly Clayton 2020-2024

Tony Clarke 2020-

David Knox 1999-2002
Andrew Sturt 2002-2004
David Knox 2004-2006
Mark Heaton 2006-2008 (Partly overlapping in role of Chair as well)
Michael Brougham 2008-2015
Kate Tully 2015-2016
Kerry Clayton 2016-2021
Anthony Vincent 2021-  

Anthony Vincent 1999-2004
(No one named in this role 2004-2009)

Frances Taylor 2021-2024

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