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Why should I choose an ACIE member as my IE?

Choosing an ACIE member gives you the reassurance of working with someone who:

  • -   Is part of national network, with access to regular updates on practice and the backing of our technical helpline;
  • -   Has access to our ‘IE Workbook” - a step by step guide to carrying out an examination;
  • -   Has demonstrated a commitment to good practice by joining ACIE;
  • -   In the case of Associates and Fellows, someone who has had their work scrutinised and validated by ACIE;
  • -   Is encouraged to maintain their professional development by accessing our training events and national conferences. CPD is compulsory for full members.
  • -   Can ensure that your funders and supporters can be presented with accounts that have been professionally examined.

We recognise that being a good independent examiner requires a thorough understanding of the charity sector in general and that is why our training events and conferences cover a wide range of issues such as tax and gift aid, anti-money laundering, managing reserves and reporting to the Regulator; an ACIE examiner can offer more  than just scrutiny of accounts, they can offer charities advice and information to do things better.

Our independent examiners are organised into regions. You can search the handbook here.

One of the commonest questions new charities, and charities converting to CIOs and SCIOs ask, is when they need to file their accounts. This article by Professor Gareth Morgan of Kubernesis, explains what you need to know: download.

Independent Examiners are frequently asked to scrutinise the accounts of small non-charitable voluntary organisations. Download the wording for such reports here.

ACIE provides guidance for Independent Examiners to support their work.  In 2019 a team led by Michael Brougham designed the Independent Examiner Workbook.

This workbook is intended to guide you through the process of an independent examination and can be purchased as both excel and pdf.

This link takes you to the non-Member site where you may purchase the workbook for £100. Members should purchase the workbook by contacting for the 45% member discount.

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